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StellarRAD Users Meeting Set For September 29/30, 2020

Greetings to all our StellarRAD clients! As you may suspect, we have decided to go on-line with our annual Users Meeting presentations this year. You are invited to watch and participate via Zoom on September 29th and 30th from 9:00-12:00 CST.

Todd Troughton, SVP StellarRAD Sales smokes the ball off the tee!

In past years we have enjoyed golf outings, baseball games and Viv's Famous Country Breakfast. This year we'll look for new ways to have fun while showing you brand new features in the StellarRAD applications and sharing what we’ve learned since our last gathering. The new user interface has come a long way in 2020; we will preview more screens and discuss a few of the core changes that make this facelift possible and how it will improve efficiencies within your entire organization. Look for the detailed agenda and registration form later this month. Registration is free and everyone who signs up by September 15 will receive a packet of content material and a marvelous StellarPRIZE!

If you would like to join on the presentation side, we are still soliciting ideas for best practices you have discovered using StellarMAP, VIEW, PLANT, TRACK and the mobile app at your company.

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