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StellarVIEW - Web-Based Network Presentation 

A spatial presentation of your company's data

A browser based application for the desktop (and mobile devices) enabling your engineers, plant techs, CSRs, sales, marketing and management personnel to see your companies facilities and subscriber data easily and securely.

Spatial Network Facilities Map

Visualize your facilities and subscriber data

Give every employee in your company the ability to quickly find and visualize the data they need to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. StellarVIEW is a browser-based application for viewing the data and graphics created and maintained with StellarMAP.  StellarVIEW enables an unlimited number of authorized users access to quickly search to a map location populated with landbase, facilities and subscriber data.

Search, View and Report

Fiber Management made easy...

A large variety of search options quickly place the information you are seeking front and center on your display. Pan, zoom and drill down to visualize all of the data you need to complete your task.

 Features for Marketing, Engineering and CSR's 

Browser friendly, spatial awesomeness

Available on browser enabled desktop and mobile devices (both android and iOS) with network (wired, WiFi or high speed cellular) connectivity.


  • User-ID and password authentication available to restrict user access

  • Tiered user access to restrict administrative functions

  • SSL/TLS compatible to encrypt data to the browser


  • Marketing Features

  • Red-lining tools

  • Locate facilities nearest to selected location

  • Graphical trace

  • 130+ Reports

Search options

Users can search to a specific map location by: 

  • Point of Interest

  • Pedestal or pole number 

  • Subscriber name, address or telephone number.

  • X/Y coordinate

  • Lat/Long

  • Map text

Viewable Data

  • Customized views by department or user

  • Bing Maps (satellite view) integration

  • Landbase 

  • Pole and pedestals

  • Subscriber locations and associated data 

  • Splice points

  • Cable/terminal counts

  • Attached documents, photos and drawings

  • Property records

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