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StellarPLANT -  FTTH and PON Facilities Assignment

Facilities assignment for fiber, copper and switching

A flexible and powerful application for assigning your facilities including fiber strands, copper pairs, telephone numbers and related switch assignments.

Integrated Plant Assignment for Telecom Facilities

Assign and track the facilities comprising your network.

StellarPLANT gives you the power to easily assign and track the important components of your network. Integration with StellarMAP improves efficiency and ensures that StellarVIEW users are seeing the "complete picture". Assignment techs and installers appreciate the additional efficiencies gained when StellarPLANT is integrated with your billing/service order process.

Easy, Accurate and User-Friendly

Fiber Management made easy...

Assignment techs and field techs know that good records help get the job done on time and result in happier customers. Whether you are assigning service to a new customer, repairing a cable cut, or working a trouble ticket, your StellarPLANT gives you the ability to assign, repair and troubleshoot with confidence. Integration with StellarTRACK and your billing system provide maximum efficiency throughout the process. Knowing what's in use and where, along with what's available is vital information for every telecom operation.

Assignment, Management, and API's 

Integrated facilities management

The system is easy to set up and will interface to any billing/service order system for automatic plant assignment.​

  • Integrates to StellarMAP for pair traces, DSL qualification, subscriber locations, drop locations, etc.

  • Complete phone number management.

  • Tracks cable pairs, line cards, ports, slots, channels and phone number inventory.

  • Track line treatments.

  • Multiple subscriber locations (MDUs).

  • Multiple lines and services per subscriber.

  • Off premise extensions.

  • Hunt groups.

  • Automatic cable pair, line card, and phone number assignment.

  • User defined fields specific to line equipment, phones/premise equipment and cabling.

  • APIs are available to interface to external systems.

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