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StellarTRACK - Trouble Ticket | Outage Management

An innovative solution for tracking processes...

Much more than a trouble ticket system integrated with StellarMAP and StellarPLANT!

Customizable Ticket Flow

Highly configurable

Keeping track of trouble tickets requires coordination between many departments. Ticket creation, data gathering, troubleshooting, resolution and customer folllow-up outline the basic tasks. StellarTRACK was designed to streamline this entire process, but can do so much more. StellarTRACK can be used to manage and track the interactions between a virtually unlimited number of departments and participants.

Inter-Departmental Process Tracking

Any project, across all departments

StellarTRACK provides a highly configurable framework for tracking tasks and interactions within your entire company. Projects, tasks, themes, user defined queues (sorting and filtering), and detail statuses are just a few of the features that can be customized. Powerful filtering and sorting options provide visibility to current and completed tasks, elapsed time, etc. for participants and managers.

Prioritize, Escalate and Resolve

Flexible and powerful

  • Integrated with StellarMAP - trouble tickets can be auto-generated for a specified network outage 

  • StellarPLANT integration enables the automatic retrieval of assigned facilities

  • Automatic ticket generation for network faults (Note: custom programming required for StellarTRACK’s available API interface).

  • Importance weighting assignment for each trouble ticket based on defined weighting parameters.

  • Automatic e-mail notification.

  • An automatic audit trail for each ticket that can be supplemented with user comments and ticket status assignment.

  • Ability to assign a ticket to a technician and/or department.

  • Customizable user interface setting retention for end users (column sequencing, sizing and filtering).

  • User-defined problem reported, found, and resolution code tables.

  • Related tickets can be linked together.

  • Instant access to child-tickets from parent-ticket and vice versa.

  • Custom API programming is available to facilitate the process of interfacing with existing OSS software.

  • Extensive commenting and file attachment capability.

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