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StellarMOBILE - Subscriber and Network Data in the Field

Mobile data collection and visualization

A tablet and phone (Android and iOS compatible) application for collecting new GPS data and viewing existing data.

GPS Data Collection for Tablets and Mobile Phones

Visualize your facilities and subscriber data

Get rid of the paper!
Download StellarMOBILE from Google Play or Apple's App store and your mobile device gains the power to collect GPS data which can then be exported to StellarMAP. Field technicians connected to a high speed cellular data network, can quickly open a map showing their current location along with nearby facilities and subscribers. Regardless of your cellular connection, your tablet or phone can quickly access a copy of your map drawings stored on your device.

Maximize Efficiency for Mobile Workforce

Fiber Management made easy...

Having information when you need it, wherever you are saves time and results in better informed, more efficient employees and happier customers. Our StellarMOBILE and StellarVIEW applications make vital facilities and customer data readily available in both the office and field.

Mobile Mapping and Workforce Management Features

Supercharge your tablet or phone!

Enterprise Availability

  • Compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices

  • High speed cellular data required for nearby facility and subscriber feature


  • User-ID and password authentication available to restrict user access

  • SSL/TLS compatible to encrypt data to the browser

Automatic Location Features

  • When connected to high speed data, the app opens with a map display of your current location including nearby facilities and subscribers

  • GPS data collection is enabled for your current location. However, points can be moved to a different location if desired.

  • Data collection is available for facilities (attributes) and subscriber information

Viewable Data​

  • Drill-down features enable viewing of detailed information

  • Locally stored map drawings are always available for viewing 

  • With high-speed data 130+ reports are available 

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