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The world's leading AM/FM/GIS

Every day telecom providers around the world use StellarMAP to design and maintain their fiber and copper network components. StellarMAP tracks detailed information and connectivity for both inside and outside facilities including cables, patch panels, electronics, etc. Interface StellarMAP with your customer care/billing system and your entire organization has the ability to see all of your plant data, plus your customer data, spatially represented in StellarVIEW!

 A GIS for All Telcom Providers

LECs, ILECs, CLECs, CATV, Electric Utilities, Municipalities

Features like GPS data collector integration (Trimble and StellarMOBILE), Work Order Automation, Network Modeling, Loop Make-up Reporting, Loss Calculations, Cable Throw, On Demand Splice Diagram generation, Circuit Tracking and Document Linking enable you to quickly and easily locate and update existing fiber and/or copper facilities or design new facilities.

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Engineering Features

Fiber Management made easy...

Whether you use our standard symbol library and layer recommendations or develop your own you can be assured of having data that is consistent and accurate. We utilize AutoCAD MAP to manipulate the graphical data providing you with the fastest, most precise and most powerful user experience available. Serialize all network elements and track both your physical and logical fiber optic facilities from the C.O. to the ONT.

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Detailed Feature List

30+ years of development

 Fiber Management:

  • Serialize all network elements and track fiber optic facilities from the C.O. to the ONT 

  • Tracks both the physical and logical characteristics of your network.

  • Define capacities automatically on placement.

  • Streamlined connectivity: the system prompts you to connect network elements as you add plant.

  • Stores fiber counts, circuit detail records and automatically builds splice schematics on demand. 

  • Automatically generate fiber splice schematics at any field location. (AutoCAD or MS Excel output)

  • Build patch panels schematics that display port counts and usage details.

  • Define network connectivity through cables, cross connects, fiber splits, patch panels and jumpers at an easy-to-use network modeling screen.

  • Document any level of network detail, including splitters, FDTs, LCCs, termination bricks/connectorized drops and ONTs.

  • Strand Count Entry – Create or update strand counts. Cable tags/IDs are supported. Track counts on both sides of splitters, in C.O. or any field location.

  • Strand Trace – Display the connectivity backward or forward from point to point on your network.

  • Automatically creates map of network trace in AutoCAD.

  • Trace Reports -- Display cable ID, fiber counts, dB Loss, span footages and more.

  • Trace dark or lit strands through any sheath, equipment, patch panel and display information on: dB loss, connector types, subscriber information, circuit data.

  • Circuit Tracking – Report on fiber usage by customer, strand or circuit type. What is available? What is in use? Stores origination and termination points, leased fiber information.

  • Flood Trace – View graphics from a user defined start point, using specified criteria such as an OTDR distance or dB loss.

  • Subscriber List – Run a report listing all subscribers affected by a cut cable or any selected plant element.

  • Strand Throw - Ripple new counts, automatically replace old counts. Change all parts along the network path (i.e. splits, patch panels, cross connects, combiners).

  • Database and graphics automatically update with one mouse click.

Engineering Features:

  • GPS integration (Trimble and StellarMOBILE)

  • Google Earth, Bing map integration

  • Fiber Management

  • Work Order automated staking

  • AutoCAD is only graphical data source; (no cut-n-paste third party apps necessary)

  • Unlimited user-defined fields

  • Global updates of database records

  • Quick Search by pedestal, handhole, pole

  • Network modeling, loop makeup reporting, network-loss calculations

  • Define connectivity at AutoCAD interface

  • Graphical representation of pair/fiber trace

  • Cable throw utility

  • Automated plot routines: (full grids, detail maps, key maps, vicinity maps)

  • Linking feature for reference drawings, photos, spreadsheets, etc.

  • 130+ preformatted reports with the option to create custom reports

  • Generate reports directly off your maps

Accounting Features:

  • Cost estimating system by work order

  • Comparative pricing

  • Planning and budgeting tools

  • Continuing property records by tax district, account number, status

  • Track retirements, rearrangements and additions

  • Route mile, sheath mile, wire mile reporting by tax district

Marketing Features:

  • DSL pre-qualification

  • Easy to interface to 3rd party billing/customer care systems

  • Marketing analysis by geographic area

  • Marketing analysis by demographic area

  • Analysis of revenue by area, wire center, etc.

  • Thematic Mapping

  • Sales lead qualification by address

Billing Integration:

Subscriber data is imported nightly or linked real-time with StellarMAP to create a linkage between the graphical elements and the billing data. This enables powerful spatial analysis features such as:

  • Broadband reporting by census tract, census block.

  • Viewing subscriber and plant data (i.e., products, services, address, and carrier) within StellarMAP.

  • Generate marketing lists based on geographic queries. For example, you can perform DSL or video traces to pre-qualify addresses for targeted mailings.

  • Quick Search on billing or subscription data.

StellarPLANT Integration:

This expands the information available to the engineering and outside plant departments.  With this integration, StellarMAP users can:

  • Click on a graphic element for access to all plant data and mapping attributes.

  • Select a customer location in MAP and automatically run loop traces that calculate and store footage, dB loss, and resistance.

  • Click on a subscriber premise and assign dedicated, preferred or “next best” cable pairs or let the system assign cable pair and line card automatically.

  • Perform detailed cable fill analysis to show usage thresholds that include dead, open, used, defective, etc.

GPS Integration:

  • Automatically create maps and write to database using Trimble handheld GPS unit.

  • Included Fields – Choose the database fields from the Attribute system to be included when collecting network features with GPS.

  • Data Definition - Define exactly which AutoCAD layers will be collected.

  • Low cost laser guns available (with Bluetooth option) to accelerate field collection.

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