StellarPLANT: Plant Assignment and Tracking
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This plant assignment software offers a complete database of outside plant inventory. This system allows you to view and query the database for equipment, telephone numbers, customer information, location, and special circuits.  Reports include available cable pairs, cable fill, and complete cable route, and line equipment information.
  • Integrates to StellarMAP for pair traces, DSL qualification, subscriber locations, drop locations, etc.
  • Complete phone number management.
  • Tracks cable pairs, line cards, ports, slots, channels and phone number inventory.
  • Track line treatments.
  • Multiple subscriber locations (MDUs).
  • Multiple lines and services per subscriber.
  • Off premise extensions.
  • Hunt groups.
  • Automatic cable pair, line card, and phone number assignment.
  • User defined fields specific to line equipment, phones/premise equipment and cabling.
  • APIs are available to interface to external systems.
The system is easy to set up and will interface to any billing/service order system for automatic plant assignment.


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