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StellarCABS provides for the creation of paper and mechanized Carrier Access Bills utilizing the Small Exchange Carrier Access Billing Guidelines.  Switched Access, Special Access, and Reciprocal Access Billing are all supported with user defined billing cycles.
  • Extensive use of tables from the SECAB guidelines and Exchange Message Interface document for validation of detail Switched Access usage records. These tables are preloaded in the StellarCABS database.
  • Allows for the combining of multiple CIC’s on the same Switched Access Bill, with or without detail breakdown of each separate CIC.
  • Allows for easy entry of Tariff rates with the flexibility of user defined rate element names.
  • Supports multiple billing companies within the same database.
  • Allows for easy set up of Special Circuits and Direct Trunks for billing to Inter Exchange Carriers or non carrier local customers.
  • Supports all jurisdictions defined in SECAB & EMI documents (Interstate/Intrastate/Intralata/Interlata/Local).
  • Allows for interface to General Ledger systems utilizing Journal Entries created from Billing.
  • Maintains Accounts Receivable data for each Billing Company.
  • Allows for the entry of Other Charges and Credits, Adjustments, Payments, and Disputes.
  • Includes optional user security to allow for separation of critical functions.
  • Includes over 40 Standard Reports which are created in PDF format for easy storage and transmission. Has provision for additional Custom Reports if necessary.


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